Thursday, October 13, 2011

Life and Death

21 years I have served in the army.  After 21 years I retired from the Army.  Training was serious.  We were taught on how to take out the enemy.  Kicking in doors, taking out bunkers, be the first on the trigger.  Distinguish friend or foe.  We went in to take out the enemy and to save lives.  Save LIVES!!  We protected people from the enemy, and gave them a chance to live in a civilized manner.  To have the freedom they so desired because they lived under suppression for so long.

Ministry is no different.  We are in the job of saving lives.  The words we use, the Gospel we preach all boils down to life and death.  We might not be kicking in doors, but there are times when we are knocking on doors.  We might not be taking out bunkers, but there are obstacles that come in the way that we must be ready to react to in an expedient manner.  We might not have to pull a trigger to take out an enemy combatant, but the words we use can pierce the heart of a sinner and bring them into the Kingdom of God.  Seminary is our training field, our communities, businesses all of this is our training field.  Are we going to take training seriously or are we going to go at it half hearted.

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